Friday, July 1, 2011

10 Tips for a better Zombie experience

Tomorrow is the Freemont Red, White & Dead Zombie Walk for 2011. Every year Seattle hosts a Guinness World Record attempt (and is usually successful) for the largest flash mob of zombies. I've been in this event for the last two years and it has been a lot of fun. Here are some tips to help you have a great experience.

1.Alternate Characters:

If your going to play a character, try to dress up like the real thing. There are many types of zombie characters. You don't just have to be a member of the undead to participate. You could also be a Z-Day survivor, medical outbreak worker or Zombie hunter. This is a great way to dress up and participate if you don't want loads of face paint or fake blood all over you.

2. Blood:

Real blood turns brown when its been sitting on skin or clothing for too long. Only fresh blood is bright red. So if you dress up like you've been dead longer than a day, the wounds and splattered blood would be reddish brown rather than crimson red.

3. Eyes:

After you dye, you eyes will start to fade to a grey. But if your a zombie because of a virus outbreak, then they might turn red or yellow. Colored contacts would be great for this effect. If your not, just roll your eyes back.

4. Skin:

When you've been dead, you skin will turn pale and start to decay. The amount of decay should depend on how long you've been decaying for.

5. Clothing:

If you died naturally then your outfit might be unfurnished, maybe a little dusty. But if you were attacked by zombies, then you might have up to 6 quarts of blood on your outfit. The question is... how much of a bleeder are you?

6. Cameras:

Even though almost everyone will be dressed up for the event, not everyone is cool with being photographed in their zombie gear. If you see a costume that you want to remember, be polite and ask first. There nothing worse then disrespecting your fellow zombies.

7. The out break zone:

During the zombie walk, a lot of businesses will still be open. Try to be respectful when going past them. Not everyone will be a fan of this event. Also, they most places hate it when zombies pound on their windows.

8. Its okay to be creative:

When you go to a zombie walk, you will see a lot of creative zombies. For instance, zombie prom queens, zombie storm troopers, zombie Nazis or some unfathomable monster compiled of zombie body parts.

9. Walking like the Dead:

Relax and have fun! Its not like your going to die of exhaustion but it might be hot. So drink lots of water. Most versions of zombies walk with a limp and at a VERY slow pace. Also try loudly moaning in public, this will the one place where people won't look at you like a pervert for doing so.

10. Friends:

Zombies always hunter better in groups. A survivor can take on a single zombie by themselves. If you try to eat the living alone, you may loose your mind over it. ;) But With a big group, you'll most likely have the time of your afterlife.

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