Thursday, July 7, 2011

5 patriotic heroes in comics

In term of America, the ideal of the hero comes at war time. Here are 5 American heroes that try to uphold those ideals.

1. Captain America
With a movie dropping soon and his image being restored, Captain America is truly comics American son. Steve Rogers was labeled as unfit for war because of his small size during World War II. Through a super Solider program he became on the brink of physical perfection. His shield is made from a mix of vibranium-iron alloy.

2. Uncle Sam
Though he may look like the Uncle Sam from propaganda poster, he is not. Is the resurrected spirit of a Revolutionary War-era soldier who mystically returns in America's various hours of need.

3. The Fighting Yank
Haunted by the ghost of his war of independence ancestor who fights for his country's honor. This is one of the worse costumes I have ever seen a hero wear. He wears a tricorn hat, white shirt with a rippling American flag and green cape.

4. Liberty Belle
Her spiritual connection to the liberty bell gave her superpowers and the ability to fight Nazis.... This character just doesn't make sense to me. What does the liberty bell have to do with Nazis?

5. Bucky Barnes
Seen as a robin-esk character. Captain America's former side kick during WWII. Later goes on to become Winter Soldier and marry Captain America's former girl friend.

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