Monday, July 11, 2011

"Angry Birds" film in the works

Sounds like those birds are about to get even angrier. That’s right, the hit mobile phone application Angry Birds is getting the film treatment. For those not familiar, the premise of Angry Birds is that some evil pigs have kidnapped the eggs of the birds. Consequently, these birds become very very angry. Unable to cope with this loss, the birds turn retaliation. Via a slingshot they destroy the pigs’ structure, free the eggs and kill the pigs.

My initial reaction to this news was, “Wow, that’s stupid.” However, I realize that that doesn’t matter. That is the essence of Angry Birds. That’s how it starts.

First you hear about it and it sounds kinda stupid.

Then you play it a few times and you’re like “eh, stupid…but entertaining. Good way to kill some time.”

Finally, a few days later it’s, “Ah c’mon! That’s bullshit! Fuckin’ smug pig bastards….”

It hooks you.

Like the game, I somehow expect this movie to work. Why you ask? I’m not sure; lets chalk it up to morbid curiosity. Anyway, I must go. Those birds are not a patient bunch. You might even say, they’re a bit perturbed.

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