Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Super Powers: The British got it right

If you've been watching the super hero's on TV the last couple of years then you've probably noticed a trend of suckage. (With the exception of Smallville.) In recent memory you've got Wonder Woman who apparently was so bad they didn't even show the pilot, Aquaman who was a direct to ITUNES purchase, No Ordinary Family that was cancelled after season 1 and Heroes. I really liked Heroes but it lost a hug % of its viewership by the end of season 3.

But recently I started watching two TV shows from the mother land across the sea, England. I was impressed with the "lets take a realistic stand point on the genre that can be seen in two shows". The first is called "No Heroics " and followed by the award winning Misfits.

No Heroics follows 4 super powered friends as they hang out in a bar called The Fortress when there not out on patrol. In the first episode, She-Force, a female with super strength makes out with a man who's half fish and regrets doing so. The local pyrokinetic, The Hotness, goes to a strip club with homosexual, Time Bomb, who can see 60 seconds into the future. The fourth character Electroclash, Who can talk to machines, is on probation and has to spend time with a side-kick who humps things.

Misfits is one the most original ways I ever seen the genre portrayed. The show is about 5 young offenders that get struck by lightning during a freak storm. When they wake from the accident they have superpowers. But because of the strange personalities, views on life and criminal histories, none of them will ever consider themselves super heroes. In fact Simon, a man who can go invisible when ignored asks the group "What if we were suppose to be, like, superheroes." in which Nathan, a young man that can talk to the dead and is immortal replies "No offense, but in what fucked up universe would that be allowed to happen?". This show is definitely on my to watch list for more than just the two seasons filmed. Which is good because they are currently working on producing their third season.

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